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Monday, September 26, 2005

Ode to a Tree

OK not so much an ode, more of a rant...confession? I took part in the ritualistic murder of a tree this weekend. I feel rotten. It was a good tree. Some sort of coniferous thing that had been growing next to my parents house for almost thirty years. It wasn't sick, it wasn't hurting anyone, they just said it was time.

It started with a phone call from mom. "What are you doing this afternoon when the boys get home?" {they have supervised visits with their father on Saturdays} "well....this that ramble ramble...why? "

"Could you come help us take down a tree?"

" Sure, we can do it"

{ now see here, I didn't connect the take down the tree part. All I registered was that my parents needed help and said yes.}

"Wait...what tree?"

"Just come"

"No wait WHAT TREEE???????????"

Laughter "just come!"

Now my parents are kind loving generous people, my mom cooks for the sick, helps with her grandchildren plants gardens. Dad has his own Hosta gardens, is a friend to the community and was named Man of the Year by the local Lions Club. When it comes to trees, they are homicidal maniacs.

I don't know how many campaigns I have waged to save trees on there property. They think that just because a tree is in their opinion, ugly, it can be cut down. Anyone who has seen our mutant family picture from the 80's would agree these people have no right to strike down anything that is funny looking. I digress.

It was a good tree, home to doves {Dad himself found one desecrated nest on the drivewaty after it was all over} and our cats main transport to the roof. Now I just don't know how she will pluck on the bedroom screens at three o'clock on a summer eve wanting to be let in. How is anyone going to know she's lonely.

I tried to get my three year old nephew to join in the protest but he was having none of it. He just wanted to know if he could drive the lawn mower and where was Uncle Steeben's truck? I expalined that they were going ot kill a tree, that beautiful growing tree. " Ya, " he said " My dad'll kiwl it."

Oh sure, after we all spent 3 hours dragging the remains of said tree into the woods, everyone began to see the wisdom of my wails but it was too late then. My oldest son complaind that a branch was wet. I told him that was just the trees lifeblood pouring out. My dad told me to knock it off and I swear he revved the chain saw at me....ok, I know he wanted to at the very least.

The tree is gone. Funny the house doesn't even look that odd without it. But it's gone and I was a party to it. So I apologize and hope I will be forgiven.

The worst part is they didn't even take the Christmas lights off first.....


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